Artist Statement

Tangled Roots


A window is a reflective exterior revealing images beneath the surface looking out. Carefully crafted words/actions/thoughts/fears form a barrier concealing what lies inside. Secrets, treasures, minefields of time passed, pressing breath to hold it in place. Illusory barrier between then and now, separating experience from memory. Unsettling complexities visibly emerging. Unraveling. Past exhaling into present. Surface structure reflecting the gaze; now exhuming then. 


Sometimes hidden, history isn’t dormant. Always percolating below the surface, the past compells us to maintain the framework of the ‘who’ we become, doubting the ‘where’ of our beginning. History is Pandora’s box: Closed it teases safety from uncertain future. Open, it’s an endless voyage. Choice doesn't wait.


Investigating and mirroring the unraveling our past is the motivation of my art practice. The complex unraveling, taking the past from texts and myths and examining it in the ongoing context of mass incarceration, guns on the street, racial inequality and social injustice. Discerning between bars and stripes, words and motives, purpose and power. Contemplation and reflection, past into present. Constant distraction. Relationships. News. Paint, metal, plastic, glass, video, ash… detritus. Inclusive. Finding personal relevance in events egregiously relegated to the past, that course pugnaciously through the veins of the present. Unsettling journeys. Excavating and wandering shared (living) history, discovering commonalities and hurdling boundaries enforced by ignorance. Past; present, tangled roots above ground, hiding in plain view.





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