This is it (Pickett's Charge)

Pickett's charge, The Civil War, This is it, Blood & Death in the USA

”24”x30” triple panel plexi vitrine, synthetic polymer, iron, ash, glass, copper wire, china marker, found objects, steel frame.

Pickett's Charge was the climax of the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. Over 51,000 boys and men were slaughtered over 3 days of just one of the many bloody slaughters that killed over 600,000 American boys and men during the Civil War. Slavery was ultimate cause of that war and in the end, the Union was preserved but slavery continues in the form of mass incarceration, privatized prisons, Jim Crow Laws, discrimination, segregation.... What did all those deaths accomplish?

The text is by William Faulkner from Intruder in the Dust: " . . . this is it, the absolute edge of no return, to turn back now and make home or sail irrevocably on and either find land or plunge over the world's roaring rim."