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Mixed Media Paintings

#whitesupremacy #fearoftheother #falsenarrativeoftheUnitedStates #cultureofviolence #JamesBaldwin #nomoreracism #nomorehatred #nomorelies
Freedom, Social Justice, Frederick Douglass, Slavery
Racism kills, lynching, America's history, tangled roots
Southern dependency on slavery,  southern cross, justice, equality, Frederick Douglass
Pickett's charge, The Civil War, This is it, Blood & Death in the USA
Civil War, Emancipation, Slavery, Gettysburg, Liberty, Contemporary, Battlefield, Equality
Jim Crow, Emancipation Proclamation, American History, the Civil War
Gettysburg address, The Civil War that never ends
Lincoln's legacy, freedom, justice, equality, Emancipation proclamation, social justice
The oppression of slavery and discrimination.
ReVision I
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